Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Round Up? Wound Up!

On the domestic front, we had a mad Saturday. Joe went to fooball kick about with some of the guys from church - bought half the park home with him too - lovely.

Meanwhile, Thomas was at a party in Chelmsford, so I took Elyse with me to drop him off and we then hit the shops to spend Christmas Gift vouchers but especially indulge in a brilliant little shop called Tickety Boo - all things girlie, pink and fluffy. We also had lunch together in Pizza Hut, which was really lovely, just me and my little girl, pizza and salad!

Keith was doing Dad type things - getting his hair cut, going to B and Q to 'get stuff' (snappy mouse traps actually, we celebrated too soon!), buying locusts for George the Lizard etc.

Joe then went to the pictures with a friend and then they both came back here to chill out while his parents were out with the songsters.

Dawn then came round for coffee and hugs - see her blog- and didn't go home til 1:10 am, promptly finding herself locked out by her housemate who assumed - wrongly- that she was already in bed!

...and that's just Saturday!

Sunday, I was leading worship at Harlow and 5 new kids with their mums came along , as well as 3 others who hadn't been to the SA for ages. WE had a good day, but I was gutted to not be at home, as Ann and Richard were sharing the new the new Romford SA Mission Statement with the congregation - we had spent a day together last weekend really getting to the bottom of why we do what we do and why it's so hard to do what we should be doing and aren't at the moment.

The meeting was a legend apparently, and people went forward to pray for the first time in ages - it was emotional, and very stirring.

Monday a.m. I was back in Harlow meeting up with Sarah - she was telling me about the relaunch of the kids work at Ware, Son Daze! She's so enthusiatic and spontaneous.
Monday p.m I started sneezing and by Monday evening had to go for the Lemsip Buzz to make it through House Group, which I really enjoyed in a challenging way, but had begun to feel a bit groggy.

Tuesday, I fully intended to go to work, but the lemsip didn't hit and so I worked at home secure in the knowledge that I could look like Rudolph and blow my nose as hard as I liked without interfering with anyone else's day.

Today, I went to the office to find that 2 of my collegues were ill, one having gone home, the other braving it out and me having things to do to catch up and meet a deadline - great, head down and......ring ring. It was school telling me that Thomas had had an incident with the gym floor during PE resulting in a split lip, and a great issue of blood and was probably in shock. I rang all the grandparents on land line and mobiles to get one of them to collect him no avail. What DO they get up to when I need them??

So I had to drive back and pick him up, bring him home and 'keep an eye on him'. He was in a state, but after a couple of frubes, back on the mend. However, in my haste to leave work, I must have hurried in shutting down the laptop, as when I opened up my files - I kid you not- they were all empty!

So I spent today phoning people up asking about possible support for an event and getting loads of info in the process.
Tomorrow I am planning to get in early, as we have a large meeting in the afternoon,and I really must make some progress and get some product out of all the process. (Ohh, aliteration!)

'Be still and know that I am God' - I'm trying, I really am!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Where does the Time Go?

Nearly the end of another week and this is the first opportunity I've had to take stock - poor me! Where does the time go?

After spending all last week in the office, this week, my car has become an extension of myself as I have embarked on a three day road trip - going home eventually- inbetween each visit. I guess, looking back on the last three days, fitting in two visits each day wasn't the wisest thing to do, but it has been worthwhile and hopefully for the folks I have visited too.
However, driving leads to thinking and thinking leads to scarey places sometimes, and I have had a couple of questions lurking in my head and my heart too.

1) Why is night time radio SO pompous and/or boring or is it that I just haven't found the right station for me - suggestions please.....and
2)Does what I do for my employment have worth, make a difference, add value, light someone's blue touch paper, reach people....really?

In the grand scheme of things, where does my 'thing' appear on other folks radar, or am I just another 'box to tick'. person to keep happy, pat on the head, smile and wave at and go back to the REAL work when I'm gone.

I suppose after doing my job for 2 years and 7 months, it might have been good and quite strategic to have dealt with this question earlier on - again, where does the time go?

I am not writing this to get loads of affirmations and there are some people who I can see reading this saying - 'You think I was going to affirm you? Think again, you chose to do this remember!'

Anyway, that's what I've been thinking for some of the time this week, most of the rest of it, I've been thinking, 'AAAArrrrrgh!'

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Ding Dong the Wicked Mouse is Dead !

Once upon a time, an important adviser to a certain king was on his way to a meeting with the king and other advisers. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dead mouse by the roadside. He said to those who were with him. "Even from such small beginnings as this dead mouse, an energetic young fellow could build a fortune. If he worked hard and used his intelligence, he could start a business and support a wife and family."

A passerby heard the remark. He knew this was a famous adviser to the king, so he decided to follow his words. He picked up the dead mouse by the tail and went off with it. As luck would have it, before he had gone even a block, a shopkeeper stopped him. He said, "My cat has been pestering me all morning. I'll give you two copper coins for that mouse." So it was done.

With the two copper coins, he bought sweet cakes, and waited by the side of the road with them and some water. As he expected, some people who picked flowers for making garlands were returning from work. Since they were all hungry and thirsty, they agreed to buy sweet cakes and water for the price of a bunch of flowers from each of them. In the evening, the man sold the flowers in the city. With some of the money he bought more sweet cakes and returned the next day to sell to the flower pickers.

This went on for a while, until one day there was a terrible storm, with heavy rains and high winds. While walking by the king's pleasure garden, he saw that many branches had been blown off the trees and were lying all around. So he offered to the king's gardener that he would clear it all away for him, if he could keep the branches. The lazy gardener quickly agreed.

The man found some children playing in a park across the street. They were glad to collect all the branches and brush at the entrance to the pleasure garden, for the price of just one sweet cake for each child.

Along came the king's potter, who was always on the lookout for firewood for his glazing oven. When he saw the piles of wood the children had just collected, he paid the man a handsome price for it. He even threw into the bargain some of his pots.

With his profits from selling the flowers and the firewood, the man opened up a refreshment shop. One day all the local grass mowers, who were on their way into town, stopped in his shop. He gave them free sweet cakes and drinks. They were surprised at his generosity and asked, "What can we do for you?" He said there was nothing for them to do now, but he would let them know in the future.

A week later, he heard that a horse dealer was coming to the city with 500 horses to sell. So he got in touch with the grass mowers and told each of them to give him a bundle of grass. He told them not to sell any grass to the horse dealer until he had sold his. In this way he got a very good price.

Time passed until one day, in his refreshment shop, some customers told him that a new ship from a foreign country had just anchored in the port. He saw this to be the opportunity he had been waiting for. He thought and thought until he came up with a good business plan.

First, he went to a jeweler friend of his and paid a low price for a very valuable gold ring, with a beautiful red ruby in it. He knew that the foreign ship was from a country that had no rubies of its own, where gold too was expensive. So he gave the wonderful ring to the captain of the ship as an advance on his commission. To earn this commission, the captain agreed to send all his passengers to him as a broker. He would then lead them to the best shops in the city. In turn, the man got the merchants to pay him a commission for sending customers to them.

Acting as a middle man in this way, after several ships came into port, the man became very rich. Being pleased with his success, he also remembered that it had all started with the words of the king's wise adviser. So he decided to give him a gift of 100,000 gold coins. This was half his entire wealth. After making the proper arrangements, he met with the king's adviser and gave him the gift, along with his humble thanks.

The adviser was amazed, and he asked, "How did you earn so much wealth to afford such a generous gift?" The man told him it had all started with the adviser's own words not so long ago. They had led him to a dead mouse, a hungry cat, sweet cakes, bunches of flowers, storm damaged tree branches, children in the park, the king's potter, a refreshment shop, grass for 500 horses, a golden ruby ring, good business contacts, and finally a large fortune.
Hearing all this, the royal adviser thought to himself, "It would not be good to lose the talents of such an energetic man. I too have much wealth, as well as my beloved only daughter. As this man is single, he deserves to marry her. Then he can inherit my wealth in addition to his own, and my daughter will be well cared for."

This all came to pass, and after the wise adviser died, the one who had followed his advice became the richest man in the city. The king appointed him to the adviser's position. Throughout his remaining life, he generously gave his money for the happiness and well being of many people.

Taken from a Bhuddist website and the reason for sharing this with you is that my sences tell me that we now have a dead mouse that needs getting rid of, so if anyone wants to give me a couple of pence for it, please let me know.

Yeay - the mouse is dead....we just have to find it.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

More of Less...or not?

I have a list of titles to blogs not yet written, More of Less is one of them, and in the the very FAT frame of mind I'm in at the moment, I figured ( when I find it again) that a good resolve, at least for January will be to have more of less particularly relating to fat enriched food, um but not on the 1st Jan as we have guests today...... :)

Then I read Dawn's blog and was blown away by her resolves and a little doubt crept in.

More of less in a spiritual sence might not be a good thing and I really am going to resolve to look for more JOY in every situation. I'm not going to be a victim of no JOY, I am, God willing , going to be more JOYFUL, experiencing more JOY that transcends circumstances, and little gift I recieved is really going to help me. It's going to be a visual reminder. It's a little snowglobe, tiny, titchy even with a festive tree in it surrounded by swirling glitter and on it's base is emblazoned the word - JOY.

Christmas Joy, January Joy, February Joy, March Joy etc.

More Joy to the World?More Joy in the Salvation Army? Time to go to work - is there a Joy Monkey commission do you think?.