Monday, 29 January 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser!

On Friday I was accused of 'sounding really Army' by a Salvation Army Officer!

Honestly, what IS the world coming to?

...oh unless it was,'You sound really barmy' yeah, that might have been it.

Question is - are they one and the same? Hmmmm.

RE: comments on my last posting - While I have issued a decree regarding disclaimers and while it's true that men and women DO respond to situations differently, I want to reassure anybody who might read this that I am not stressing about it - ok?

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Are you looking at me?

Well, I've just been severely, if joyfully, reprimanded for giving someone a 'look'.

Apparently, some time ago, I challenged a certain person because I felt they had 'looked me up and down' . This person is an extraordinarily close friend, and, I'm sure, knowing me like I do,that it would have been a weak and giggly challenge. I have no recollection of this episode.

So this evening while collecting Elyse from Singing Company practise, in a very functional outfit, I was caught, by the aforementioned friend looking someone else 'up and down'.

I have no recollection of this 'look' and would never assume myself to be in a position to knowingly give someone 'it'.

This, however, is my friend's point - she feels vindicated, as she felt she didn't give me a 'look' in the first place!

The paradox is that I have made one person very happy, initially without knowing it and possibly offended someone horribly without knowing it - all with the same 'look' .

Now I'm wondering if I should apologise to the person I 'looked at' in case she's having self esteem issues!

Sometimes it's really tough being a girl!

Friday, 12 January 2007

Everything, Anything or Nothing? That is the question!

My previous post has made me think, 'Do I actually, at the end of the day, do ANYTHING of any lasting value, properly, or is life so mental that everything is a mad knee jerk reaction?'

My job has taught/is teaching me to be organised beyond belief, I think Christmas this year was the most organised we have ever had, my diary is planned up to October, which is far enough, to be honest and quite frightened me when I returned to work, so much so that for a few minutes, I felt paralysed and did NOTHING, and the real world, where I guess it really matters I can't seem to crack it at all.

If I could just get the socks paired up and put away, if I could remember to put a snack in my kids book bag in the mornings, IF...

I guess you are what you are and even if I accomplished all these things and became like a highly organised friend of mine, I think it would just scare everyone, me included, and it would mean that my children wouldn't feel that they could remind me about EVERYTHING all the time, so I can't deprive them of that can I?

Which reminds me, Elyse has a handy hint in case you happen to be standing on a volcano when it erupts - you don't need to run, as lava goes very slowly, but you might need to find somewhere to hide from the toxic cloud -so there you go!

By the way, I've changed the way I blog over the last couple of postings - blog first, title at the end, just so you know.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Back to School....for me!

I just want to be accountable re: my 'What I'm Reading' list and confess that 'The Everlasting Man', although amazing, is not an easy read. What I mean is, I need to find a special reading space for it, I can't skim it while I'm cooking dinner, or even get my head round it while there is the slightest noise going on, which means, in my house, I'm going to find it really hard to get it read. The language is beautiful, but vintage, if you get my drift, bit like reading Dickens or Jane Austin, and sometimes I need to check a dictionary.

All very literary, but I think my problem is, I've forgotten how to read properly.
This was highlighted over the festive season, where Joe received the final instalment of 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' and I just HAD to know the ending but wasn't allowed to turn to the final chapter 'just to see' - it wouldn't have made sense anyway. So I speed read the whole book, and when discussing it with Joe later realised that I'd totally missed the point. He asked me if I'd cried at the end ( I cry at Tom and Jerry!) and when I said no, he just knew I'd missed it.

He was right, I re - read the end and cried!!

Must do better.

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Ho Hum!

Well, the decorations are stowed away again, the cards are in a bag to be recycled, after digging out the ones of the people that I really want to get in touch with this year. I guess they will take up space on the worktop for a few weeks before they too, get recycled.

The kids are back at school,Keith is back at work and I have one more day before stepping back into the 'real' world myself, the house is odly quiet and about 5 people have their birthday this week!

That's not fair is it?

For those people, it's SO close to Christmas and for us people it's another trip to the dreaded shops, unless you are an oganised person who got it all sorted before Christmas.....oh that's certainly not me by the way.

Over 'brunch' on NYD we had a little family conflab. about resolutions and the favourites appear to be:
1) Eat more fruit
2)Go to bed earlier
3)Save more money
4)Be more tolerant
5) Try not to be so annoying - that's ME!

I'd like to add some positive action things to the list though rather than just a bunch of' be more' or 'be less' stuff.

Do something wonderful with the front garden
Finish the bathroom
......................oh whatever.

Life goes on, and I guess we'll muddle through and soon the idylic feeling of being in control will be a dim and distant memory, but I certainly want to have more fun this year on a day to day basis.

Selfish blog today - sorry.

Just off to the Christian Bookshop to check out some book prize ideas for the kids at FOJ Club, and that should be fun - no really it should!