Friday, 24 February 2012

Thinking about many people are!

Day 3 of the Lent and I am not really giving anything up - although I am on a diet , but that is not a Lenten thing, it's cos I'm overweight!

I am trying to do something generous each day (that's the 40Acts thing) and following a Bible Reading and Prayer prompt, on line.

What has struck me today though is how ' all about me' Lent currently feels - maybe I am delirious from lack of cake, - my prayers are about me and the it's me trying to do something.

I am curious as to where this feeling will go, what it will turn into next and if it will reveal that there is a process to Lent that all comes together at Easter, which I fully imagine that it will.

So yeah, I am admitting that I have never really done Lent 'properly' before.

Today I am going to try and 'see' Jesus walking alongside me, picking up the slack. Then I will remember that it's all about him.