Saturday, 24 January 2009

Confession : Good for the Soul?

Dear Reader

I don't know about you.....which is in fact true. I DON'T know about you at all.
It's another one of those 'Things People Say'
'I don't know about you, but.........'
A device for inviting someone else into your thought process, opening up a way in for them to tell you something about themselves by the response they give to your profound thought.

I have been unexpectedly and quited blessedly tuned in to what people have been saying towards the end of this week,so many inner thoughts expressed in a turn of phrase, and I realise that I have somehow missed listening to what people have been saying. I have become task oriented...a do-er, instead of a be-er.

There are reasons for that, some are rational ones, others are just ( squeezing out the word through gritted teeth) irrational, bordering today, on a kind of psychosis. H- EAVY!

Anyway,on the bright side,an intervention by God; an immediate and undeserved answer to prayer, going to a Fancy Dress/ Joke shop with my children and one of their friends, and a chat on the phone, have helped me see that I do know about ME, and sometimes I project that onto you, dear reader, whoever you are,which is both irresponsible and ( through gritted teeth again)...controlling.

So, if you have experienced the machine that is LIZ HALL lately, I DO apologise and want to reassure you that she is 'in there' somewhere!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Things People Say.

I was in a food shop today, just getting some 'bits', which is always dangerous as I end up buying other 'bits' that we don't really need.

One of those 'bits' was a box of Mr Kiplings Mini Victoria Sponges, and as they went over the scanner, the check out person said,' Oh I really like those, they are quite nice!'

I laughed and indicated that they wouldn't last long in our house blah blah.

When I got home and began putting the shopping away, with an audience looking over my shoulder to see what goodies I had bought, there were squeals of delight as the cakes came out of the bag, and I told them what the assistant had said.

The response was, 'Well, if she really likes them, surely she would say they are really nice or very nice, not just quite nice!'

We agreed that she must have been quite confused and didn't really have a clue what she was talking about and then proceeded the eat the cakes which proved that I did know what I was talking about.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

And now...the end is near....and I so reach....

SC - reaming point!

I really need your advice - all of you, so FOCUS!

Got a call from the Mill this morning, which I passed up as I was driving. I then began musing about why they were ringing:

  • Had the original material suddenly arrived?

  • Had the 'Account Manager' decided that I would have to pay the difference after all

  • Had the Mill gone into receivership?

Couldn't ring 'til lunchtime, so shelved that thought.

'Mrs Hall' says Stella, 'you won't believe this!'

' Oh, hold on, I know the answer to this', I think to myself and go on to actually begin quoting my list.

'No, none of the above....your second choice is also discontinued!'

Did any of you see that coming?

So here's where I need your advice.

Do I give up with this knowing that I will loose some fairly serious funds if I go elsewhere ....

....OR do I stick with it and venture into the Mill again for a third choice, where I will sit and wait until she has phoned the sheep that provide the wool part of the mix ( I don't know what the mix is to be honest, or if wool would be a good ingredient in a curtain material) to ensure they have enough fleece to continue with the material.

YOU DECIDE...please!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Final Curtain Call ( thanks D!)

The call came, the original material has vanished ( I am not surprised, in fact my heart has now turned to stone and I feel no emotion on this subject whatsoever - I JUST WANT NICE CURTAINS IN MY BEDROOM) and we are going with the second choice:

Natural colour with a smaller waffle embossing than the original.

Thats all for now :)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Probability drive indicates we have reached NORMALITY*.

* Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - I was a fan before it became a film and I too, have a brain the size of a planet!

Indicators of normality after the Festive Season:

  • No tree in the living room!

  • Being able to see the coffee table as the pile of nibbles is consolidated into one container and a Quality Street Tin.

  • Having cereal for breakfast ( as opposed to a brunch style feast, coissants etc)

  • The churning feeling in your stomach as you wake up remembering that there is a purpose to your day, rather than mearly having fun.

  • The sadness in your heart as you realised that mearly having fun does actually take some skill, although is a wonderful way to spend your days and you are going to miss it.

  • The hope in your heart as you resolve to make Having Fun a 'thing to do' on your 'To Do' list.

  • Resolving to do Tesco on line in a much more organised way this year, no more running out of milk or bread!

  • Getting a bit niggly when someone stops you doing the thing you were doing, because you know you are going to run out of time very soon.

  • A desire to transfer appointments into your new diary/ filofax or handheld!
  • ...and many more that you can think of I'm sure

Oh yeah...and going to Dunhelm Mill to be reassured that the material is STILL missing, so would I like to choose another and then to suggest to the assistant that maybe they phone the store it was being sent from ( Crewe) to see if they can track it, which gives them a tracker number so they can phone the distribition depot to check if it is still there.

Then showing her the altenative and being told that it might be more expensive than my original choice and reminding her that I am not paying for them as they are remakes - NO LADY, I AM NOT!!!

They have until Monday evening to track the original stuff or go ahead with the new one and ring me to let me know either way.

Normal or NEW normal... you decide! :)