Tuesday, 27 February 2007

There's nothing like an Army Cup Of Tea - really!

We've had a tough old time at work this week and certain folks are really taking it upon themselves to make the burden a little easier to bear by being....well... funny really.

Today, randomly some guy donated about million teabags to the SA, using LNE DHQ as his drop off point, and someone actually said - What are we going to do with those?

Hello,we are the Salvation Army!

Anyway one of my colleagues decided, in the middle of his very busy schedule, to contrive a tea tasting session to see if we, of the office, could discern the difference between tea brewed from some ...um...out of date tea bags, as opposed to some in date ones.

Even more randomly, another guy in the office used to work for a company that produced tea and one of his jobs was to actually 'taste tea', you know all the slurping and swishing business and spitting out etc.

So, a table was set up, two pots of tea appeared along with some cups and the Tea Tasting Test began and all, bar one,( oh and those people who were on the phone) chose the teapot on the right ( as I was looking at them). I was swayed by the smell to be honest.

Turns out we all prefered the out of date tea...but that's not the end of it. Our data inputter put a spanner in the works by asking if the brands of tea were the same. They were not - shock, horror an unfair test!

Another shocking revelation today is that those of us who would rather not be on another committee found out that we might have to be - Health and Safety. All good stuff, but please no more meetings. So the aforementioned colleague decided to become a walking Health and Safety advocate to prove that he doesn't need to attend the committee meetings, by doning a rather fetching Hi Viz jacket. Well, then it all got a bit silly.

Thanks - you know who you are!

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

House Group Update

We had a great House Group last night.

A new member came, which was lovely - our second new member in the last month and we are looking at God's Covenants.

Our group is a unique one in that we have more than the 'official' number of members before it becomes apparent that the group should split if we are following the Cell Pattern, but a few of our people are at Uni and we miss them - if you're reading this, come home soon.

Tonight's session was on the Covenant of Providence and we looked at the story of Noah, alongside some other enlightening readings. We must have touched on every controversial aspect of the Christian faith - Creation, the Flood, Jesus ministry to the dead ( those that were drowned during the time of Noah - or that's what it seems to indicate, we had to ring our minister for his take on it) and the non controversial issue of prayer, or so you would think.

See Kirsty's blog!

Suffice to say the discussion was lively, interesting and dynamic and our new member said she found it helpful and would come again!

MARKET RESEARCH : What is you favourite snack at a House Group? I've provided quite a lot of fruit lately, including mangoes which only I like, apparently !!We've had pop corn, biccies, haribo and Doritos although Keith finds the crunchy snacks distracting - he tends to eat them all!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Re T.V and Holidays

Well, what do you know? Since berating TV as rubbish, we have series 2 of Life On Mars - superb, watched a double 'bill' tonight ( did you see what I did there?) and series 2 of Hotel Babylon, which is utter trash but 'expensive' and even better, is on at the same time as Bonkers, which is Utter Trash, saving me the trouble of watching that.

I know I'm talking as if I have all the time in the world to watch TV, but I am on holiday this week, so, in effect, this week - I DO! Hurrah!!

Actually, 'holiday' hardly describes having a week off at home with the children, their social calendars are endangering my health!

Yesterday we did lunch at Pizza Hut, then saw Charlotte's Web at the cinema ( Take lots of tissues, we all cried towards the end!)

Today, Joe was meeting his Grandad at the Station to go up to The Emirates Stadium for a Legends Tour,so I dropped him off, and Elyse had arranged to meet a friend ( and her mum) at Lakeside to visit the Build A Bear Shop to purchase accessories for the bears they had built at a birthday party a while back.Unfortunately this wasn't much fun for the two brothers who had to tag along, so there was lots of moaning from them about achy feet, needing the loo and ears popping ( up and down the escalators!)

Tomorrow morning we are going to sing Happy B'day to Keith's mum who will be 70 ( she seriously does NOT look it, she's amazing!), pop into 'Cold Blooded' to buy locusts for our gecko, drop Joe off at a friends and then visit a toy shop to purchase lego for Thomas, in an attempt to make it fair that he had to come to Lakeside today!!

Thursday could be a bit of a breather, but Joe has a friend coming over to stay so his room will need a clean, in fact the whole house could do with a makeover.

So on Friday I might be pleased to have to pop down to work to meet up with some people who are helping me out with The Main Event in October.

On top of all of this ( don't get me wrong, it's great really) we have Elyse's keyboard practise to contend with. She has a one hour lesson on a Monday and promises the teacher she will practise for 20 mins a day, which is actually quite a long time when you're 8 and according to Elyse, ' feels even longer when I keep shouting at her!'

Thing is, she does get some stuff wrong, as she will after only 5 lessons, but my point is, why keep practising it wrong, when I can help her do it right? So I tenderly suggest she remind me how many beats in the bar, and she bursts into tears and flings the book about and gets all dramatic!

I have to shout to get myself heard over the racking sobs - it's pitiful, it really is!!

However, once she pulls it all togther and I keep my big mouth shut, 'When the Saints', 'For He's A Jolly Good Fellow' and 'Rave On' sound really very good.

( I was really heartened to find that the friend we met up with at Lakeside today has the same trouble with her mum , so it's all normal - for a given value of normal I guess)

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Re: Reading.

So,' The Everlasting Man' is not going well, in fact I have read many things to avoid it, and naughtily, have not added them to my reading list! So for those who are bothered ( me):
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Part of my job entails leading services at other Corps coinciding with Celebrations of the Children's Ministry and the like, and the person who has invited me to do this during the Summer mentioned that the film comes out 'about that time', so wouldn't it be great if I themed the meetings. Initially I was a little taken aback at having a potential theme thrust upon me, but I thought I'd re- read it and see what I could find and in fact there's loads. I will of course refer to the Bible and will not be asking the congregation to turn to Harry Patter Chapter 98 page 1oo198.

  • Prayer - Philip Yancey

Just started this - it was given to me by a member of our church to borrow and I was really touched by the offer. So, this is going well, and I'm even jotting things down in a note book.

  • The Radio Times

Actually, I was wondering why we bother to get this mag,but it arrives as part of the 'service' from NTL, so we don't have choice, but in my opinion at the moment TV is generally RUBBISH.

I have found 3 things that I would actually bother to make time to watch.

  • Top Gear - just love it, always have, even before it became controvertial
  • Bonkers - new series, and I suppose it does help you get into something if you see the first episode. Jury still out though.
  • Desperate Housewives - a roller coaster episode last night and if I hadn't been really tired, would have gone straight over to E4 to watch next week's episode.

Anyway, back to reading - RT is not a bad read over a cup of coffee, when there's nothing to watch on tele or anyone to chat to.But why is it called The Radio Times? Yes, radio schedules are in it, but so are tv listings and they come first. Random thought.

AND finally, for now,the snow continues to fall, Joe is home as his school is closed, but Thomas and Elyse's school isn't.Can you possibly begin to imagine the protest as we ran the gauntlet of Joe and his friends while walking past the alleyway they had chosen to congregate in, to pelt innocent passers by with MASSIVE chunks of 'snow'? It seems that senior school teachers are not as diligent as junior school ones, so most of the senior schools in our area are shut today.( There probably IS a less petulant reason than that, but I don't know it, so I'll stick with that!)