Friday, 25 March 2011

Response to Mark 6:45-53

Jesus says,
' I see your struggling.
I am interceding for you.
I am willing to come alongside you.

I want you to ask me.
Will you recognise me when I do?

Why might I walk past you?
- so that you CAN recognise me.
- so that you will know I can go where you are afraid to go or where circumstances are preventing you from going?
- so that I can show you that I am not afraid to go where you are unwilling, unable to go?

I have already been there!
I intend to go there anyway. Remember that in me all things are possible!

You will be amazed at what I can do, but will you understand why I do it?

Then, when I continue with you in the normal hustle and bustle, when the moments of struggle are over for now, will you see the miracles that I am doing ALL of the time?

Why are you not amazed when I walk alongside you in the everyday stuff?

I am known and recognised, I am effective in your life and in your world.

I can show you what to do.

Will you see me?
Will you know me?
Will you recognise me?

Will you see me in the people that are yours?