Thursday, 24 July 2008

Where there's Hope....actually where IS Hope?

I know where it is, and me and mine are going there tomorrow - how cool is that!?

Some friends of ours are lovely and mad, and love walking ridiculous distances over tough terrain and some times in the dead of night too and over the last 3 years have tricked Keith into believeing that he will have a good time if he joins them.
He has now tricked the rest of us, his lovely family, that it will indeed be 'bare jokes' if we joined in too.

So, I just found out about 2 minutes ago that the place where we are staying and starting the 'walk' from is in Hope,( which means 'a valley') in Derbyshire.

Apparently the walk is in a figure of eight and about 21 miles long, but it also goes up and down a few miles too - so add in that, plus any weather that there might be and the odd need for the loo and we are looking at a fair old yomp.

Having said that, Elyse, Thomas and I will only be doing the short walk - 3 miles + height and weather etc, along with another member of the mad family who has young-ish children. I have a feeling thought that they will already be accomplished in the walking thing, so fully expect to be bringing up the rear.
Joe and Keith will continue for the rest of the way with the others. Joe has been training and Keith is training tonight by going to play football with the guys from the Corps in the vain HOPE that running round a footy pitch at 10pm at night will provide him with all the condition he requires.
I too, have been training!
( Fiona, this will be just a warm up for you) I have been getting up at 6am, flinging on some 'sweats' and power walking for a half hour every morning this week. I think I found my stride today - a moment of suddenly thinking that I wasn't thinking about my technique ( heel, toe, hold in the tummy, swing arms and smile!), but was, infact humming a song. It was a fleeting moment and then the pain returned, mostly down the front of my legs at the moment, but I am advised that this will soon pass and then the real pain starts down the back of the legs. CAN'T WAIT!
Back to Hope then, at the north end of the village are two hills, one called Win Hill, the other called Lose Hill after some 7th century battle and Hope has the uncommon honour of having it's Church mentioned in the Domesday Book, something that no other North Derbyshire Town can claim. there is also an 'abundance of shops cafes and art galleries' . So certainly worth a visit...maybe some other time!
So yeah - three things remain- faith, hope and love. The greatest IS love, but I think Hope is going to be a great, if painful place too.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Am I Obsessed?

I bought a new beauty enhancing product a while back, one that needs time to be used properly - male readers, I'm sorry I can divulge no more than that - and have been umming and erring about using it. Oohh it's intriguing isn't it?

So this morning,as I have a 'certain amount of time' I 'm reading the active ingredients list and find that it contains alkali and thioglycolate. So what? you might be thinking.

Here's the thing and here's my concern.

I looked twice at that, because on the first reading, I read it as......


NOw that IS a problem isn't it?

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sometimes, working from home....

...can be SO neat!

It was 10pm!!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Welcome To My World.

The title of this blog is prompted by a comment on my previous posting and also is something that I actually wrote in an email this week...welcome to my world.

The email was about the intricacies of Safe and Sound - the SA Child Protection Policy - and I was quoting great chunks of it to a corps regarding how children should be transported in cars. Simple you might think...sit them on a chair, encourage them to do up the seat belt, turn on the engine and go? NO!

As I was writing, I could really sence the frustration that this might be causing and wanted to let them know that I know how they feel, how Safe and Sound shapes my work and how, yes, it feels hard,it IS hard sometimes, but with planning and risk assessing ( BORING, but so freeing!) etc it can all work for the good of everyone. Hence, WELCOME TO MY WORLD. Re- reading the mail ( way too much time on my hands!) I think it might have come over a bit naff, so, apologies to that corps if it did.

However, re: the comment on the previous posting suggesting that my world is, indeed, a strange and scarey place, which indeed, it is, I am going to rewind to Monday and our small group.
We had a very dynamic discussion, essentially about Grace Under Pressure. We majored on homosexuality in the church, as that was what Phil Yancy had set us up to do, but man, there is so much more isn't there?

How do you show grace to someone who just isn't in that zone, either ever, or at that particular moment and will misinterpret everything you say or even don't say as an attack, a judgement or a slieght ( right word??) I find that really hard in every aspect of my life; home, work, church.

I guess also, the times when I am feeling edgy, vulnerable,tired,stressed, bored etc would I recognise grace being shown to me ?

So my own response to my question, and I do that loads and it probably winds up my fellow Small Goupers like mad, was something like:

In the world of me, everyone will be like me...
I think I will make a Sims World of Me!

...which kind of indicates that I am the epitome of Grace and everything good, and my world is best.
Looking forward to any comments in support of this - those to the contrary will be EXTERMINATED!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

How do you know when.....'re too busy?

How can someone else judge if I/you am/ are too busy?

Surely it's all relative.....isn't it.
The picture is nothing to do with this blog - it's just pretty amazing and I'm still celebrating that I can upload pics again!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

For the Viewing Pleasure of my Friends....and then we will move on!

For certain folks information, it was actually quite difficult to find a demure picture of the lovely Halle Berry

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fully Clothed - To Redress (!) the Balance.

Hmm, just as lovely with a top ON and not a porcupine in sight!( see comments on prev posting to get some context on that)
Normal sensible bloggage will be resumed soon :)