Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Family Values? Family? Values?

Over a period of about 2 years, on and off, The Hall Family met, talked, thought about, forgot about and finally produced a set of outcomes that we, as a family want to live by.

I think, on reflection that they are underpinned by values that we haven't actually articulated, but are probably things like Respect, Trust, Love, Grace, Justice/ Equality, Loyalty, Reconciliation.....

Outcomes that illustrate how we will behave towards each other and others; attributes that we will see lived out in our responses to pressure as well as in chill out time, outcomes that we can hold each other accountable to.

Outcomes that, in all honesty we aspire to and look great on a canvas in our hallway, but in reality, particularly when under pressure, in conflict situations, when we are tired and when we are late for things are not our default setting.

Outcomes that, when visitors see them,  result in smiles and lovely comments about us as a family  - which is smashing!!

Outcomes which are pointed to when they are clearly NOT being personified and yelled loudly -'Um, HELLOOOOO!!!!! WE WILL LISTEN TO EACH OTHER!!!!!.....WE WILL HELP EACH OTHER!!!!!!  etc etc

Outcomes by which we actually measure our short comings and feel a bit pants and guilty about.

But they came from consultation and reflection, so must be 'in there somewhere' and I, as mum, am happy that we have them in plain view.

Aa a family - and as any other family will say about themselves, we are not a Mary Poppins Family - 'practically perfect in every way', but we are a Lilo and Stitch Family - Ohana, means Family and Family means that no one gets left behind.....especially not on a 'gentle climb' up the Craggs of Arthurs Seat at 11:30pm on New Year's Eve.........

The bible verse that surrounds our canvas states,

'You must make allowances for each other's faults and forgive the person that offends you. Remember that the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. And the most important piece of clothing you must wear is Love; Love is what binds us altogether in perfect harmony' Colossians 3:13-14

...which is possibly a more realistic picture of where we are just now, with a full dishwasher, full tummies, TV blaring football being watched by Mr Hall, one child ( they will ALWAYS be children) in Edinburgh, one child talking about Prom and one child Gaming, or skyping or texting or listening to music or ALL of those things at once and me,blowing my nose and just trying to make a bit of sense of it all....for now.

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