Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The REAL Day Two - Tuesday ( Craving a Cuppa)

No headaches today!

Tom decided he would take rice and veg to school instead of 'just bread' - 'it was nice' apparently.

Elyse's thermos let her down and so she is now off beans for life - ' that smell'.

My lunch was pasta , sauce and the ubiquitous frozen mixed veg. I got bored about 2/3rds through.

Messy Church this evening, so we arrived after eating at home and had to run the gauntlett of delicious cooking smells at church AND a riot of cake and cookies for dessert - the kids found that REALLY tough.

Messy Church was about Noah and the God's Promises - he always keep them. I found myself promising MYSELF a whole POT of tea on Friday!

Tom and I did share a teabag when I got in from work - it was that or a couple of biscuits. Honestly,one day without tea and I was making noises like I was eating a gourmet meal!! Weird.

Anyway, good conversations with people at Messy Church about why we are doing this. Although the money we are raising will go to Reducing Poverty Projects overseas, there is much talk about the needs in UK. People seem to be able to equate with that more that thinking about what happens in Africa for example. I talked about the irony of the fact that the food we were relying so heavily on this week - rice - is the same food that those people overseas would be eating, and growing and often finding themselves exploited over. It's a complex issue

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